Who Wins the 96' Bulls or the Golden State Warriors?

        The NBA season is now in the books and the Golden State Warriors find themselves at the top of the mountain as the champions of the NBA. They were able to win back 2 back titles, and it is their 3rd title in the last 4 years. They are probably going to be the favorites again next year, and it looks like they are headed to being the next dynasty in NBA history. Often times when you have a great team like the Warriors who are dominate in their play the debates and questions are going to start to rise on which great teams from the past are they better than, and which ones could they beat in a 7 game series. The team that seems to come up the most is the 96' Chicago Bulls who won 72 games that season and beat the Seattle Sonics in six games to win the championship that year. I believe if any great team from any era could legitimately beat the Warriors it would be that Bulls team. I don't think the 80s Lakers teams could do it led by Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabber. I know  what your thinking what about the '86 Celtics led by Larry Bird, or the The Lakers of the 2000s' led by Shaq and Kobe I don't think they get it done either. The aforementioned teams do have size with either all-time great centers and forwards on the court in the end, the Warriors have to much shooting and athleticism for those teams. Plus none of these teams have anyone to guard Kevin Durant aka the "Big Joker". The 96' Bulls are the only ones that have the personal to match-up with the two best shooters of all-time, and arguably the best offensive weapon especially at his size the game has ever seen. Lets punch some numbers the 96' Bulls def rating was  101.8 which was number one in the league, and their off. rating was 115.2 which was also number one in the league. The Warriors def rating was 107.7 which was eleventh this year and their off. rating was 113.6 which was third. The pace of the game was totally different with the league average in 96' being 91.8, and the league average for this past season was 97.3. With being said today's game is a completely different game than 96' in a lot of ways it looks like they are playing a totally different sport. That's why I do not like comparing eras, for example the rules are different. In 96' hand checking was still legal and the illegal defense rules were totally different. There was no defensive three seconds, and you had to be in arm distance of your man to be considered in legal guarding position. Where as today's game has no hand checking which for most is the most talked rule change, and there is defensive three seconds. This rule has had a huge impact on the game, because teams can now zone up on the weak side of the court making driving lanes very restrictive. That's one of the reasons that  more three point shots are taken. To create more space teams started to spread the court more and start their offense close to half court, and putting more shooting on the court to accomplish this. We saw this early on with those Orlando Magic teams that surrounded Dwight Howard with shooters, and they would play 4 out 1 in or high pick-n-roll. If you doubled on Howard he would pass out of the double teams and they would rotate the ball to open shooters, or if you helped on his roll to the basket the guards like Jameer Nelson, Rafer Alston, and even Hedo Türkoğlu who was able to run pick-n-rolls from the small forward position and they were able to penetrate and find open shooters. Although I hate comparing eras for the sake of exercise and discussion how do the 96' Bulls measure up? The 96' Bulls was the only team that possessed the athletes from those great teams that could match up defensively with the Warriors. The line-ups would be as follows Ron Harper on Steph Curry with Randy Brown on the bench ready to come in and harass Curry. Michael Jordan would guard Klay Thompson and is more than up for the challenge of chasing Thompson around screens, hell he did that for many years chasing Reggie Miller around. Of course Scottie Pippen takes Kevin Durant, with Dennis Rodman switching off on Durant as well. The only weak link is Toni Kukoc who would have to take Draymond Green, because Luc Longley, or none of the Bulls centers receive significant minutes in this series. The Bulls would play a lot of Jud Buechler and Steve Kerr off the bench. The Warriors bench have a clear advantage, and this is what makes them so deadly. They have Shawn Livingston and Andre Iguodala coming off the bench to long agile players who are intelligent, and can defend as well as make plays and score. When Iguodala comes into the lineup and joins Durant, Curry, Green, and Thompson they quickly become what is known as the death lineup or most recently they have been dubbed "The Hampton's 5". On the flip side the Warriors have nobody to guard Jordan that is obvious. Iguodala can matchup against Pippen as well as Durant, but I give Pippen more credit than most for his offense he could shoot, post up, and distribute he is the protype for the point forward. Kukoc was a dynamic offensive player who was super skilled. He is 6'11" and he could step out and shoot as well as pass the ball he was known as the waiter. Harper and Rodman were non factors on the offensive end, and really Kerr and Buechler are your only shooter coming off the bench. So with all being said who wins in a seven game series? I stated earlier that the rules do matter if they are playing by the todays current rules I believe the Warriors win in seven. If we play by the rules from the 96' Bulls era I still pick the Warriors in seven. Ultimately I think that the Warriors have to much shooting on the court. When you have the two best shooters the game has ever seen and you can argue Durant is in the top five on that list, and their bench is better they are hard to beat. It is as simple as threes are worth more than twos, and if they shoot a high percentage which I believe they do I do not see them losing. The only reason I stretched it all the way to seven games is because of the greatness of Jordan, but in the end the Warriors have to much in the arsenal and not even the G.O.A.T. can stop them.