At This Point in his Career How Does Giannis Compare To The Greats?

 Giannis Antetokoumpo has started year five of his career with a bang! Although the NBA is only three games in he is playing at a MVP level with one of his contemporary's in KD stating he has the chance to be the best to ever play the game. He is currently averaging 38pts. 5asts. 9rebs. and a PER(player efficiency rating) of 43.3 which is just absurd. Now of course he is not going to keep this pace up, but it got me to thinking how does he measure up to some of the greats to play the game? So I decided to dive into the numbers of some of the greats and see what they averages were in their fourth season in the league, and see how does the "Greek Freak" measure up. Last year in his fourth season Giannis averaged 22pts. 8rebs. 5asts. While make his first All NBA team as well as his first All Star team. In year four Michael Jordan stats were just mind blowing he averaged 35pts. 5rebs. 5asts. and had already made 3 All NBA teams with 4 All Star appearances. And this was after he avg. 37pts. per game the year before(SMH). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar which in my opinion is the second best to ever play the game after Jordan avg. 30pts. 16rebs. 5asts. He made the All NBA and All Star teams all for years with 2 MVP's, and one championship under his belt not a bad start to a hall of fame career. Magic Johnson in year four of his great career avg. 16pts. 8rebs. 10asts. made 2 All NBA teams, 3 All Star appearances, and won 2 championships. His numbers may not blow you away, but Magic was the engine, the catalyst, and any other metaphor you want to use that made the Showtime Lakers great. Kobe Bryant by year four was now a starter and a star for the Lakers. He avg. 22pts. 6rebs. 4asts. While making 2 All NBA Teams and 2 All Star Teams. Next I wanted to take a look at some of the small forwards the position he plays and see how does he stack up. Lebron James in year 4 avg. 27pts. 6rebs. 6asts. He was named to the All NBA team 3 times along with 3 All Star appearances. Larry Bird avg. 23pts. 11rebs. 5asts. He had won one championship and was named to the All NBA and All Star teams all 4 years. Kevin Durant in year 4 was leading the league in scoring with a stat line of 27pts. 6rebs. 2asts. He made 2 All NBA teams and 2 All Star teams.  The first great athletic small forward Elgin Baylor stats were simply absurd. He avg. 38pts. 18rebs. 4asts. while making the All NBA and All Star teams all 4 years. And last but not least the man who took the small forward position to a whole another level and did things on the court that nobody thought was possible the great Dr. J Julius Erving.  The first four years of his ABA career he avg. 27pts. 10rebs. 5asts. while winning one league MVP and one championship. In year four of his NBA career he avg. 26pts. 4rebs. 4asts. He made the All NBA team 3 times with 4 All Star appearances. So with all that being said I think he compares pretty well. He is definitely on track to be an all time great and a future hall of famer. It remains to be seen if he can be the best to every play, because he still has things he needs to work on in his game. For example, his jump shot has to get more consistent and in this era he may need to even stretch it out to the 3 point line. He is only 22 years old and will make 23 in December, but with a wing span of over 7 feet and with his height being close to 7 feet Giannis the "Greek Freak" measures up just fine with the all time greats.