Relax Cousins To The Warriors Will Not Ruin the NBA

   DeMarcus Cousins just inked a one year $5.3 million dollar deal with the Golden State Warriors, and instantly set the NBA and social media on fire. The fans and NBA players a like are jumping up down on how unfair this, and how the Warriors have taken a bomb and obliterated the competitive balance in the league. A NBA player and an unnamed GM was quoted as saying you might as well cancel the season and give the Warriors the trophy now. Let's pump the brakes, calm down, have a seat, and let us all take a deep breath. First have we forgotten that Cousins is coming off a torn  achilles one of the most debilitating injuries that a basketball player can have, and  for a big man especially his size it could be even worst. Cousins is not expected back on the court until February, and everybody is reacting as if he will be ready by the start of the season. Secondly, according to Cousins himself no teams had made any contract offers. ESPN writer Zach Lowe reported that even before the injury several teams had a no Cousins policy. Since signing with the Warriors Marc Stein of The New York Times reported that the Pelicans did offer a 2-year $40 million dollar contract, but what has been glossed over in the report is that the Pelicans offered this contract during the season after he had torn his achilles. Now if I had to guess Cousins was looking for a bigger deal and when he did not receive one he decided to bet on himself and take a smaller deal with the Warriors. This is a brilliant move by Cousins he joins a winning organization, he does not have to rush back, and he put himself in position to win a championship while continuing to rebuild his image. What also has been lost how Cousins has never been to the playoffs, and was headed to do that in New Orleans along side Anthony Davis before the injury ended his season. Cousins is quoted on saying he wants to win, and that is why he picked the Warriors. The Warriors have built a great culture that is very attractive for players around the league. So now we are going to punish them or complain for them striving for greatness. Instead of complaining and whining how about step your game up the rest of the NBA. For the Warriors this was a low risk high reward move. If Cousins comes back close to his All-NBA, All-Star form and helps them win a third straight title it is a win. If Cousins comes back and he is a shell of himself and is a cancer to the team it is only a one year deal and you can move on as an organization thats a win. Also it is important to point out that if Cousins plays well he probably gone anyway as some team will step up and offer him a max deal. Klay Thompsons max contract or near max deal is around the corner along with Draymond possibly being eligible for a super max deal, and lets not forget about Kevin Durant. So they probably will not sign him long term even if he produces. With all that being said this is the greatest starting line-up on paper. Five all-stars in the starting line-up is obscene, but lets first allow Cousins to get healthy and get back on the court before we rush to judgement. And to the rest of the NBA stop whining and step your game up!