Jabari Parker Comes Home

    On Saturday Jabari Parker agreed to terms with the Chicago Bulls. He signed a 2 year 40 million deal with the Bulls, after the Milwaukee Bucks rescinded his qualifying offer making him and unrestricted free agent. 

        This was a great signing for the Bulls as well as Parker. For the Bulls you get a talented four man who can play some wing at the 3 position, and the contract is a team friendly contract. The second year of the contract is a team option which protects the Bulls in case he suffers another injury. It also will help with ticket sells and boost interest in the team as the Bulls will be bringing back one of Chicago’s most accomplished high school players. He led Simeon Career Academy to 4 State Titles and won the Mr Basketball Award twice. He was the first to win the award as an underclass man, and was the first to win it twice. 

        For Parker he gets a fresh start in his hometown after only playing 31 games last season. Parker was coming off his second ACL tear to his left knee. Parker has a lot to prove and I believe the talent is still there. His short comings on defense has been well documented, but he can score with the potential to stretch the floor with his 3 point shooting. With this young bulls roster and how it is constructed he will also be able to play some 3 as well.  

     Parker returning to Chicago will also give him the opportunity to give back and do charity work in the community. This is something that Parker stressed himself that he wanted to take a more active roll in stopping the gun violence in the city, and continue to be that roll model kids and teens can look up to.

     When it’s all said and done this was a positive signing for Parker, the Bulls, and the city of Chicago. Maybe this time it can workout long term for a player from Chi-Town, and he can help bring the Bulls back to a respectable level as a NBA franchise.