My Letter to Kobe Bryant

       There is an internet rumor going around that Kobe Bryant is possibly eyeing a return to the Lakers so he can play along side LeBron James. So if there is any truth to this rumor I decided to write Kobe a letter, that will help him in making a sound decision.

 Dear, Kobe

          I’m writing this letter as a concern fan and historian of the game of basketball. Please do not come back and play with LeBron. I know it sounds tempting and it would be exciting to watch, but for all the wrong reasons. People would be tuning in to see if this comeback would fail. You have already cemented your legacy as the second greatest shooting guard of all-time behind of course Jordan. Your one of the best to ever play the game, and your also one of the greatest players to play for the historically great Los Angeles Lakers. We’ve seen these come backs before and they always end terribly. The great George Mikan, Bob Cousy, Magic Johnson, and most recently Michael Jordan. You ended your career with scoring 61 points including the go head bucket. You can’t ask for an ending better than that. So with that being said enjoy retirement, be the best father, husband, businessman, and consultant you can be. 


                  Zachary Ramey concern Basketball Historian


        I don’t believe this rumor to be true the internet has become a place to throw out unfounded information and crazy rumors. This is just a lot of wishful thinking by fans that would love to see him and LeBron play together. I don’t believe Kobe has any desire to endure the grind of a 82 game season including the playoffs. He seems to be happy with this phase of his life. He has  numerous business interests along with production projects that he is involved in. Hell he just one an  Oscar for his short animated story. 

        For all you fans that would love to see this happen this is nothing but a pipe dream. But just in case it is true I wanted to write Kobe a letter and give him some honest advice.