College Basketball: California’s New Law Paves the Way For College Athletes to Get Paid.

The Governor of California Gavin Newsom just signed into law one of the most revolutionary laws in College athletics history. Starting in the year 2023 college athletes in the state of California can make money off their image and likeness and will be able to sign endorsement deals. 

This move is the first nail in the proverbial coffin for the sham NCAA business model of amateurism that has been exploiting college athletes for years. Once the corporate world decided to enter collegiate the NCAA’s student-athlete model instantly became obsolete. 

As a result of corporate sponsorship you now have university presidents, athletic directors, coaches, boosters, making millions of dollars a year. While the player has to hope that they do not suffer a major injury that could jeopardize themselves and ruin their chances to cash out as a professional. 

As stated in the last piece written about this subject, I believe this is only the beginning. Other states I believe will follow suit and pass some form of legislation that mirrors California’s new law.

The same thing that killed the NCAA model “capitalism” is going to help usher in this new model an era in college sports. The universities in these states are just going to form super conferences amongst themselves.

They will compete for their own national championships in different sports. The top talent will still be participating and corporate sponsors will line up and pay big money for the naming rights to different events, bowl games, and tournaments.

I can hear Gus Johnson's voice now welcoming the viewers to the Amazon National Championship game involving the USC Trojans vs. the Texas Longhorns. 

If you think this sounds far fetch you have been sleeping under a rock the last few years, and have not been paying attention to college sports. 

Conference realignment has already taken place on a grand scale, and you have television networks such as the big ten network raking in millions of dollars every year. 

This law makes so much sense instead of the universities and colleges footing the bill you now have third parties that will be financially responsible for paying the athletes.

This model for paying athletes is something I have been screaming at the top of my lungs for the last few years on my podcast “The Off The Glass Podcast”.

This will eliminate the silly argument on how to pay every member of a team fairly. This argument has been brought up constantly on why you cannot pay athletes. This silly argument of fairness is the only time this argument seems to come up.

Only when there are conversations involving paying college athletes does the issue of fairness even come up. Nowhere else in this capitalistic society is fairness ever mention. In this system if you possess a talent that other people value you will be compensated, and if your talent happens to be elite you will be compensated very well.

Again reasons such as fairness have always been used as an excuse to not to pay these athletes. It creates a smoke screen to try and hide the real issue which is the exploitive nature of the NCAA.

The NCAA is going to fight this and more than likely make any player ineligible the second they sign an endorsement deal. This law may finally force the NCAA to adjust its stance on this issue.

The NCAA does have a few years before the law goes into effect, but as the old saying goes it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. The ball is now in the NCAA’s court we now have to sit back and watch how all of this plays out stay tuned…..