Basketball: The NCAA Backpedals From Earlier Rule Change Requirement of an Agent Having to Have a Bachelors Degree.

In a shocking turn of events, the NCAA has decided to amend one of their recent rule changes governing agents. A bachelor’s degree will no longer be a requirement for an agent to represent underclassmen testing the draft process. As long as the agent is certified by the NBPA. 

The NCAA had come under heavy scrutiny after they had announced their new requirements for agents. Prior to this announcement, Rich Paul who the new rule appeared to be aimed at had this to say about the new requirements: 

“NCAA executives are once again preventing young people from less prestigious backgrounds, and often people of color, from working in the system they continue to control."  source: The Undefeated 

Paul is 100% right, and this, was the general sentiment to the NCAA’s new requirements for agents. Many people including people in media felt that these new requirements were racist and a direct shot at Paul and his success. 

So justice won this round in the fight against racism and injustice, but there is still a long way to go.