NBA Basketball: Ain’t Nothing New Under the Sun

When Kevin Durant announced that he was vacating the Bay Area for Brooklyn New York the NBA world collectively rejoiced. The big three super team era was over. 

On the surface, it appeared that the competitive balance had been restored to the NBA landscape. Anthony Davis was traded to the Lakers to team up with LeBron James. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George agreed to team up as members of the Clippers.

Best friends and former teammates in Oklahoma City James Harden and Russell Westbrook joined forces in Houston.

Although he probably misses the entire 2019-2020 campaign Kevin Durant will be joined in Brooklyn by his good Kyrie Irving. 

So when the dust finally settled after a frantic free agency period the empowered players shunned the super team concept.

Instead opting to go with the dynamic duo model. This isn’t new to the NBA there is a long history of great dynamic duos. Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe, Magic and Kareem, and LeBron and Wade just to name a few.

The interesting caveat is how people believe the league is now balanced. Now everyone is chatting and screaming how much they love parity. 

This brings me to one question is the league really balanced? 

The answer is NO!

This season is no different from any other season, just like previous seasons there is only a hand full of teams that can legitimately win the NBA championship. 

In the East, you only have two teams that can win it all, and that is the Milwaukee Bucks and the Philadelphia 76ers. 

In the West you have the Lakers, the Clippers the Nuggets, the Jazz and just like the card game spades a few possibles. 

Health is always an issue coming into any season. The most healthy and talented team is usually your champion. 

Last season was a great example of the role that health can play just ask the Warriors. If those aforementioned teams remain healthy no other teams are beating them. 

There was a lot of movement in free agency and this rejuvenated a lot of fan bases. The fact of the matter is there is nothing new under sun. 

Every year all 30 teams talk about how successful their offseason was how their goal is to win the championship. 

Winning a championship should be every team's goal. That’s is why you play and compete to win a championship. The reality is each year only a hand full of teams have a legit opportunity to win the championship.

Some seasons only two teams have a realistic shot to be crown champion at the end of the season. We all witnessed that during those years when the Cavaliers and the Warriors matched up in the finals four straight years.

Before the start of the season, it was a forgone conclusion that those two teams were the best and would eventually meet in the finals. 

The star power may be more spread out and yes the era of the Dynamic Duos is back, but the same narrative exists only hand full of teams have a chance to hoist the Larry O'Brien trophy. This proves once again ain’t nothing new under the sun.