NCAA: California Passes Revolutionary Law to Pay College Athletes

The California State Government passed a revolutionary bill that will allow their universities to pay their student-athletes. 

The bill passed with a vote of 66-0, and has paved the way for athletes to get paid for their name, image, and likeness. They will also be able to hire an agent. 

The California Senate still has to vote on the bill this coming Friday, but this is a huge step in finally getting rid of this ridiculous student-athlete model. 

What are the possible ramifications for California after passing this controversial bill? 

This bill is a groundbreaking bill in the fight against the NCAA and “Sham Amateurism”. The NCAA has already issued a warning that the passing of this bill will ban California universities from competing for the national championships. 

It is worth pointing out that on the junior college level California already competes within state lines and does not participate in the national NJCAA championships. The NJCAA is the junior college version of the NCAA. It is the governing body of junior college athletics. 

The ramifications for the passing of this bill could be huge in dictating the future of college athletics. Will more states entertain the idea of adopting this bill? How will this affect the NCAA? 

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure the NCAA needs to get out in front of the idea of paying student athletes. If they don’t we maybe are looking at a world in the future where the NCAA does not exist.