Chicago Bulls: The Dysfunctional Culture in Chicago Continues. Jabari Parker Removed From the Rotation.

The dysfunctional culture in Chicago has claimed its second victim. According to Malika Andrews of ESPN, sources stated that Jabari Parker will no longer be in the rotation.

He was coming off a game against the Orlando Magic where he only played 4 minutes. Coach Jim Boylen in his post-game interview stated that Parker’s low minutes was solely based on matchups. Parker was quoted as saying his new role was “surprising” and that he wasn’t going to “pout” and he was going to “keep it moving”.

So first Fred Holiberg loses his job now it appears that Parker’s time in Chicago may be coming to an end. Parker was in year one of a 2 year $40million dollar contract he signed this past summer. The second year of the contract is a team option and has been some talk of a potential buyout for the remainder of this season. 

How did it get to this point for Jabari Parker the number 2 pick of the 2014 draft? Chicago was supposed to be a fresh start for Parker. The hometown kid comes home to make well and get his career back on track. Now it looks like his time in Chi-town is over after only 29 games. 

Parker’s struggles in the Windy City has been well documented. He lost his starting job in the preseason, but with injuries to Lauri Markkanen and Bobby Portis Parker was able to get back in the starting lineup. He did have some bright spots at times on offense, but this would often be overshadowed by his bad play on defense. 

Parker has a role to play in his minutes getting cut, but in fairness to Parker, the Bulls have been a dumpster fire of an organization. he Bulls have been a terribly run organization over the last decade plus. Gar Forman and John Paxson have been less than stellar in their respective front office roles. 

The Bulls signed Parker fully aware of Parker’s deficiencies on defense, and his imperfections on offense. They also knew he coming off his second ACL injury in his left knee. The situation with Parker is another example of a bigger issue plaguing the Chicago Bulls. 

The Bulls have always been a cheaply, poorly run organization for years. Jerry Reinsdorf the owner of the team has never made the Bulls his number one priority.

Reinsdorf is the owner of The White Sox and has always valued baseball over basketball. He only cares about the United Center where the Bulls play being full. He famously didn’t want to pay Michael Jordan ending the Bulls dynasty. Until ownership either changes or places a focus on the Bulls and hires a competent front office, Chicago will always be a dysfunctional franchise. 

So now Jabari Parker’s career is at a crossroads. He is still young enough to recover and have a productive NBA career. He’s 23 and will be 24 this coming March. He has to become more self-aware of his limitations on the court. He is going to have to play smarter on offense and develop some form of an IQ on the defensive end. He will be looking to sign with his 3rd team in 5 years. 

If Parker does not produce with his next team he could very well find himself out the league. This would be a sad story if it plays out that way. As for now, the dysfunctional soap opera in Chicago continues on