Boston Celtics: Kyrie Irving Staying With the Celtics?

The Boston Celtics hosted a fan event at the TD Garden on Thursday. Kyrie Irving announced that he plans on resigning with the Celtics this summer. The unplanned announcement sent the Garden crowd into a frenzy and earned him a standing ovation. 

Irving’s announcement brought a couple questions to mind. 

Question 1 What does this mean for the New York Knicks?

Question 2 What impact does his decision to stay have on Kevin Durant’s free agency?

When Jimmy Butler demanded a trade out of Minnesota the Knicks were one of the teams on his list. The Knicks were one of the teams that he would be willing to resign with next summer if he was traded there. 

During this time it was rumored that Irving could, in fact, join him in New York. It has been no secret how much Kyrie loves playing in Madison Square Garden. He is a native of New Jersey and there has always been speculation that Irving would love to play New York. His father used to bring him to the different playgrounds in the big apple to play so he could develop his game. With all of these factors, it seemed like Kyrie was destined to play for the Knicks. 

Irving quickly shot down the idea of joining Butler in New York. He even went as far as to say he hasn’t even communicated with Butler recently. It still seemed like a smoke screen an until Irving either said that he plans on staying with the Celtics or resign with the club. Nobody fully believed that him teaming up with Butler was completely off the table. 

Knicks fans should relax the organization is in a good spot heading into next summer and free agency. Several big name free agents are still available and we don’t know how this Jimmy Butler soap opera is going to play out. 

So where does leave Kevin Durant and his impending free agency next summer? He has also been rumored in possibly coming to New York and teaming up with a superstar like Kyrie. Does this open the door for KD to go and join LeBron in LA and make history? 

Regardless if Durant goes to LA or comes to New York Kyrie’s decision has no bearings on his free agency. KD was always the ultimate prize in free agency and I always thought if he came to New York, his decision would not be based on whether another superstar like Irving joined him. His decision would solely be based on him wanting the final chapter of his career to be that he came to New York and restored the legacy of the Knicks and brought championship to NYC.

Kyrie maybe a lot of things, but lacking intelligence is not one of them. With the roster that Celtics organization have put together, he would be foolish to leave. On the business side of things Boston owns his “bird rights”. Meaning they could offer him the most money with a five-year option instead of just a four-year deal. Irving is poised and should make the All-NBA team, which means he will be eligible for a supermax contract. 

Kyrie’s decision definitely makes the Celtics championship contenders for the for seeable future. With the assets the Celtics have in draft picks and young talent, you never know what Danny Ainge may have up his sleeve to improve this roster even more. Congratulations Celtics your superstar point guard decided to stay.