New York Knicks: Knicks For Sale and How this Affects Free Agency.

The New York Knicks one of the original iconic organizations in the NBA maybe for sale. On the ”Bill Simmons Podcast,” Bill Simmons stated to his co-host Ryen Russillo that he had heard that the Knicks owner James Dolan is finally willing to sale the New York Knicks. According to Simmons, he wants to keep the iconic Madison Square Garden and continue to renovate and improve the facility for concerts and other events. 

According to Forbes, the Knicks have an estimated value of $4 billion dollars. Dolan according to Simmons wants $5 billion and probably will not get that price, but if the Knicks did sell for $4 billion it would be the highest price a person has paid for an NBA team. $2 billion dollars is the current record set by Steve Ballmer when he acquired the Clippers. 

If this is true one of the most dysfunctional professional sports franchises, in history may finally get the stability it needs. The Knicks have not won an NBA title since 1973 and have not made the finals since the strike-shortened season of 1999. Since 1996 they have had 12 coaches, and have had one bad free agent signing after another. With some the biggest free agents being available this coming summer this might be one of the biggest announcements of this NBA season. 

With Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, and even Anthony Davis who wants out in New Orleans, available this summer this sale could help the Knicks land one of these top free agents. New York is one of the biggest markets in the country and the NBA desperately wants the Knicks to be respectful again. The Knicks have been a dumpster fire under the reign of James Dolan. The fact that the franchise is even worth $4 billion is a testament of how successful the NBA has been, but it also shows the untapped potential the Knicks have to be a great organization. 

Nobody is more tuned with the NBA than Bill Simmons, and I believe he's right and that's why I believe this increases the odds of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving wearing Knicks uniforms next season. They currently have one of the worst records in the league which increases their chances to land once in a generation player Zion Williamson. 

Knicks fans potentially have a lot to be excited for, but today is a great day for Knicks fans. As it appears that one of the worst reigns by an owner in pro sports history may be coming to an end real soon.