NBA Basketball: Super-Agent Rich Paul's Latest Power Move

Today it was announced that Rich Paul and Klutch Sports will be joining forces with United Talent Agency. U.T.A. is one of the biggest agency in the entertainment world. Paul will be head of the sports division in the company.

Paul famously represents Lebron James and NBA players including Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, and John Wall. The merger will make Paul the chief executive of U.T.A’s sports division while retaining his own Klutch brand. 

In an article written by The New York Times, Marc Stein Jeremy Zimmer co-founder and CEO were quoted saying “ we’ve been looking for the right sports opportunity for quite a while.” He goes on to say that “ we have taken a significant stake in Klutch, but Rich retains very substantial controls because we want it to be his business and we love what he’s doing.” 

The terms of the deal were not made public, but in the same Marc Stein article, Paul stated “nothing changes” and the investment that U.T.A. has made allows him to go out and continue to grow Klutch. 

U.T.A. has some of the biggest talents on their roster in Hollywood including comedian/actor Kevin Hart, hip-hop artist/actor Common, and actor Johnny Depp just to name a few. 

With the interests of today’s NBA player expanding off the court, this was the type of deal that will allow Paul to offer his clients a chance to build their off the court businesses and strengthen their brand. 

The deal made sense for U.T.A. as well. Instead of U.T.A. trying to build a sports division from scratch it just made sense for them to enter a partnership with an established company like Klutch. In the same article Zimmer was quoted as saying “ all these things have connectivity and power in the culture today like we’ve never seen before.” He goes on to say” for U.T.A. to be fully built media company, we had to be directly connected to the athlete.” 

Say what you want about Paul, but his forward-thinking and the empowering of his clients is something that is resonating with today's athlete. Draymond Green who fired his agent to join Klutch this past year had this to say about Paul. “Rich has kind of found that niche for empowering us as athletes. It’s the underdog mentality the ‘I’m not supposed to be here’ mentality. There’s a natural connection there.” 

It is this reason Rich Paul and his agency is a force to reckon with not only in the sports world, but the business world as well. What Paul has been able to accomplish and build in a short period is nothing short of impressive. Loved or hated Paul is definitely leaving his mark on the business world.