Milwaukee Bucks: Should Sign Kemba Walker Next Off Season

On Friday the Milwaukee Bucks we’re involved in a 3 team trade involving the Cavs, and the Wizards. The Buck traded Matthew Dellavedova, John Henson, and a first-round pick and a future second-round pick for George Hill.

The move allowed them to get a solid two-way player in Hill, and clear some cap space for next summer. Hill is only guaranteed $1 million dollars of his $18million, and trading Henson and Dellavedova open up over $19 million dollars in cap space. 

This sets up perfectly for the Bucks to try and resign Middleton, Bledsoe, and Brogdon who will be free agents at the end of the season. If they can also trade Snell that would free up another $11.3 million.

Milwaukee could potentially go into next Offseason with two max spaces. They could resign Middleton and offer a superstar player a max contract. So who should they target to play alongside MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo? The answer is Kemba Walker! 

Kemba is currently in averaging 25.8 points per game and dishing out 6.2 assists. He currently has the Hornets in 7th place with his superstar play. 

The way Walker is playing he’s making a case to named to his first All-NBA team. The Hornets could offer Walker who will be an unrestricted free agent a 5 year super max contract worth $221 million dollars. If he hits the open market he still signs a 4-year deal worth $189 million dollars. 

Pairing Kemba with Giannis would be a potent 1-2 punch. In coach Buds system Giannis is thriving this season and putting up the best numbers of his career. 

In Coach Buds system which is predicated on spacing would give Walker the necessary spacing, he needs to be effective. Walker runs the pick n roll masterfully and would have an abundance of space to put the pressure on opposing defenses.

His go-to move which he has mastered is the step back jumper. He is currently 3rd in fourth quarter scoring averaging 8.0 points on 48% shooting. At this point in Giannis’s career, he still struggles to shoot from the outside. Kemba can handle the ball and keep the pressure on the defense with his clutch shooting. 

The thought of a Giannis and Kemba pick n roll and surrounded with shooters is enough to give me the chills. The elephant in the room is that players don’t want to play in Milwaukee. 

The way Giannis is maturing into not just a superstar, but an All-Time great the perception around the league is that players would love to play with him. 

Giannis strikes me as the type of person that would stay in Milwaukee long-term. He loves the city and he has a good relationship with the organization so far. For that reason I don’t foresee him leaving. They just opened up a brand new arena this season, and with Giannis at the helm, The Bucks seem poised to be a good team for years to come. 

Now all they are missing is another superstar that can take the franchise to the next level. So why not go after Kemba a player who has overcome all the odds, and whose work ethic has turned him into one of the best point guards in the game.