3 Takeaways from the opening week in the NBA

The NBA is back and the first week did not disappoint. Here are my 3 takeaways from the opening week in the NBA. 

 1. Gordon Haywood and Kyrie Irving return. 

The Celtics were back to full strength after losing both all-stars to season ending injuries. Gordon Haywood made his return after suffering a gruesome, season ending leg injury on opening night last season. Kyrie Irving made his return after missing the second half of the season and all the playoffs due to an infection in his knee. 

 Both players were extremely rusty as they combined to shoot 6-24 from the field. The Celtics did go on to win thanks to their lineup depth. Celtics fans finally got to enjoy their team at full strength, and basketball fans everywhere got to see how dangerous this team is going to be this season. 

 It is going to take sometime for both Irving and Haywood to get their game legs back, but it was good to see both players back as the Celtics strive to achieve the goal of winning a championship. 


 2.Jayson Tatum is a star.

 Jayson Tatum has started the season on fire. Tatum has proven early that last season’s successful rookie season was not a fluke. He has already delivered and proven that all the hype is real and well desereved. He looks comfortable and confident, and looks poised to make his first all-star team this season.

 Tatum is averaging 21pts. 10rebs. On 47% shooting from the field. He currently leads the team in scoring and rebounding. Now he is closing games and developing into a superstar player right before our eyes. There is no wasted motion from Tatum just smooth concise moves that he worked on this summer with his trainer Drew Hanlen

 Saturday night October 20, 2018 we will look back at that night and collectively say a star was born. Tatum scored the Celtics last 6 points including a turn around fade away that sealed the game. 

 The story line to follow is how does this affect Kyrie? Who did not demand a trade out of Cleveland to be the number two option. Does his decision to resign in Boston change now? Could he be the one put into a trade package instead of Tatum that brings Anthony Davis to Boston? We have to wait and see, but make no mistake Jayson Tatum is ready for the spot light. 


3.Anthony Davis best player in the league?       

 Anthony Davis was already and MVP candidate coming into the season. Now he is making his case to be considered the best player in the league. Opening night he almost recorded a triple double. He had a stat line of 32pts 16rebs 8asts and added 5blks as the Pelicans blew out the Rockets. 

 Davis has looked like a man on a mission leading the Pelicans to a 2-0 record. Even with the addition of Julius Randle and a solid supporting cast the Pelicans success ultimately rest in the hands of Davis. The ability to play both ends of the floor makes him a candidate to win the MVP and the Defensive Player of the year.

 Michael Jordan was the last player to accomplish these great feet. If Davis can lead them to the western conference finals this holds well for the Pelicans franchise, and their hopes to resign him. 

It’s been well documented that Davis signed with Klutch Sports this off-season. Some reports believe that this decision by Davis means his days in a Pelicans uniform are now numbered. The decision to sign with Rich Paul the same agent that represents LeBron James leads to speculation that now he will become a Laker next season. 

 This a very lazy take, just because he signed with Klutch does not mean that Rich Paul is now going to gift wrap Davis hand him to LeBron and the Lakers. Next summer is still a ways off, but at the level Davis is currently playing he will be the MVP in the league. The torch will be pasted to Davis from LeBron James as the best player in the league.