James Harden: The New Age Samson

I know all my millennials are reading the title of the article and asking themselves who is Samson? Samson was one of the strongest men in the Bible. He could not be defeated and he drew his strength from his long uncut hair. In the biblical story, Samson was seduced by a beautiful woman named Delilah. She was able to cut Samson hair off while he was sleeping. Samson lost all his strength as a result of the deception. James Harden's high level of play this season reminds me of Samson. Up to this point, very few defenders and defenses have been able to slow Harden's onslaught down. That’s why I’m convinced the only way to stop Harden is to cut off his beard.

James Harden has now extended his streak of scoring at least 30 points to 24 games. He closed out the month of January averaging 43 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 7.6 assists. He shot 43% from the field and 91% from the free throw line. He shot only 34% from 3 but he was attempting over 16 per game. He’s the only player not named Wilt Chamberlin to average that many points for a month.

Chris Paul has made his return from his hamstring injury. With CP3  back in the lineup, Eric Gordon playing well, the signing of Kenneth Faried has given them an energy guy, and Harden playing like this the Rockets should be in a position to make a push for the 3rd seed by the time Capela returns. They currently trail the Thunder by 2 games. 

How long will this streak continue nobody knows. His phenomenal play has coaching staffs devising all kinds of schemes to stop him. The Brooklyn Nets tried zone and it slowed him down a bit to allow them to get the win, but Harden finished with 57 points. The Lakers took his ability to go left away and elected to give him a clear path to the basket. That was also unsuccessful not only did they lose the game, but Harden finished with 48 points. 

That's why I'm convinced that to shut Harden down your going to have to go to an after-hours spot and find the modern-day equivalent of Delilah. Have her seduce him and while he's sleeping cut his beard off and post it on Instagram.  Other than that this man can not be stopped. He is clearly on pace to win his second straight MVP. So to all my Scouts out there here's some advice for you. Get out of the arenas, and stop spending all day in an office breaking down film. Hit the nightclubs instead and start scouting for a Delilah.